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by | Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Beauty is an ever-evolving entity, and most treatments of the 21st Century are revolutionary and effective in what they do – and this technology is still expanding and growing, meaning each year comes with a newly successful beauty treatment.

The New York Laser Clinic holds industry-leading experts who brought laser hair removal London to the fore, offering medical-grade equipment for all their treatments, which include skin peels, body contouring and anti-ageing skincare.

Here, we explore some of the strange beauty trends which existed long before the abilities of The New York Laser Clinic!

1. Unibrows made of goat’s hair – it’s hard to believe, after so much plucking and waxing these days, that thick unibrows actually used to be popular. They were a symbol of intelligence in women, and those who didn’t have them would fill in the gap with kohl or create their own from goat’s hair.

2. Drawing fake veins on the skin – thanks to the era of pre-revolution France, pale skin was sexy, and so was having your veins on display. If women didn’t have naturally prominent veins, they would find a blue pencil to create their own.

3. Black teeth – naturally, you would associate this with an appalling oral hygiene routine, but amongst the Japanese in history, women would purposefully lacquer their teeth black. This was apparently a symbol of their submission to men. The trend ended when the 1870 empress decided to make a public appearance with white teeth.

4. Voluntarily removing eyelashes – most women these days make it a priority for longer and fuller lashes, but for the women of the Middle Ages, it was considered that a woman’s best feature was her forehead. In order to accentuate this, they would remove their eyelashes and eyebrows to truly highlight the skin and head above the eyes.

5. Taking arsenic to help with complexion – more famous for being used as poison, a small dose of this was said to even out the complexion and whiten the skin. Was it really worth the risk for great skin, though? A lot of people certainly thought so.

This only serves as a reminder that trends are ever-changing, and it’s important to do what you feel is right for you. For any professional advice, contact the team at NYLC.

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