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by | Tue, 9 Jul 2019

Whether you’re a person who makes it their business to follow the current trends, or whether you prefer to create a whole beauty style unique to you, it’s still fascinating to find out what’s hot (and what’s not) for the year ahead – and what’s on trend can sometimes be the weirdest ideas you never would have expected.

The New York Laser Clinic holds industry-leading experts in skincare who brought laser hair removal to the fore, offering medical-grade equipment for all their treatments, which include skin peels, body contouring and antiageing skincare. Here are just some of the weirdest beauty trends of 2019.

1. Grey hair – older generation rejoice, because it’s now becoming extremely trendy to have your grey locks on show. If you’re constantly trying to hide grey roots, consider letting them grow out, because this is the year people are dyeing to achieve that shimmering silver look – which is weird seeing as people have spent their life trying to cover grey roots.

2. A whole new hair game – when apparently simply styling your hair just isn’t enough anymore, this year has seen people integrate objects into their hair routine, including using water bottles to create a vase shape on their head (flowers included) and cutting hair into shockingly sharp and differing lengths.

3. Disturbing nail art – having your nails professionally done is no new area of beauty, but the sort of designs which 2019 has produced have been particularly strange. This includes nails moulded to look like a set of teeth, individual hair combs or tiny fingers which have their own nails artistically done on them. Not very practical – or aesthetically pleasing, for that matter.

4. Crooked, clumpy lashes – the number one rule of mascara-application has always been to avoid clumping your lashes together – but this is apparently what this year’s eyelash trend has been all about. People aimed for a look of thick, spidery and rather deformed lashes.

5. Eyebrow trends – this area of beauty is a prime example of how trends can change – where pencil thin eyebrows were once the norm, the fuller, thicker brow is now said to be more in demand. But it doesn’t stop there: this year has seen strange eyebrow shapes, such as feather brows, fishtail brows and general absurd shapes which don’t exactly make any sense.

Trends are always changing, and sometimes these changes can be weird. With New York Laser Clinic, you can rest assured that all treatments make perfect sense. Click here to see our range of treatments from fat freezing to laser hair removal in London.

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