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by | Wed, 23 Oct 2019

Strong and healthy hair can make you look and feel more attractive. This is why when your hair begins to break or fall out it can be a cause for concern. The good news is that if you can find the cause of hair loss, you can potentially help prevent and treat it. Hair loss could be triggered by anything ranging from a poor diet to your haircare routine.

We have been in the industry for over a decade and to help you on your way to achieving optimum beauty they’re providing five reasons you might be losing hair.

Physical stress – unreasonable amounts of stress can do more damage to your hair than good. Your hair has a programmed life cycle which consists of a growth, rest, and shedding phase. When a stressful event occurs, it can push your hair into the shedding phase and result in noticeable hair loss.

Alopecia – another reason you could be losing hair is because you have alopecia. For those that don’t know exactly what alopecia is, it’s an autoimmune disease that attacks your hair follicles and causes hair loss. Often times, your hair will fall of out in patches that could be a few centimetres or less.

Hormonal imbalance – your hormones play a significant role in regulating your hair growth cycle. While estrogen can keep your hair in the growth phase for a good amount of time, androgens can shorten the hair growth cycle. If you have excess androgens, this could be causing hair loss. Be mindful that pregnancy plays a part in this also.

Vitamin B12 deficiency – when there isn’t enough vitamin B12 in your diet, it can affect the health of your red blood cells and trigger hair loss. To prevent this, consume a reasonable amount of animal proteins or try taking supplements.

Poor diet – an unhealthy diet can have adverse effects on your hair too. For instance, a lack of protein could get in the way of your body’s ability to build new hair follicles. Ensure your diet has a good balance of proteins, complex carbs, iron, vitamins, and minerals.

We at NYLC have offers various treatments which help with hair loss, an expert can guide you on the best options available. Click here to book a consultation.

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