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With most people having such hectic and demanding lifestyles these days, it’s easy to let your attention on your skin slip. But it’s crucial to remember that these daily demands take a toll on your skin, too, and taking some extra time to show your skin some love is easier than you think.

The New York Laser Clinic holds industry-leading experts in skincare who brought laser hair removal to the fore, offering medical-grade equipment for all their treatments, which include skin peels, body contouring and antiaging skincare. Here are some signs that your skincare routine might be in need of a re-vamp.

1. Your makeup isn’t lasting through the day – if you feel as though your foundation is beginning to slip by your lunch break, it’s probably because your skin isn’t working well enough to maintain the hold. Depending on your skin type, you either need to invest in moisturiser to prevent drying out, or use primer to prevent oil getting in the way of your makeup staying together.

2. You’re always suffering with breakouts – you don’t have to be a teenager to still endure the dreaded wrath of spots. Hormone-related spots are normal (and unfortunately something you have to accept) but if you’re having angry spots most of the time, then you need to take more care to wash and cleanse your face. Also consider a salicylic acid-based facial peel to target oily skin.

3. You’ve been using the same routine most of your life – if you stand in front of the mirror wondering why your skin suddenly isn’t accepting the products which were always effective in your teenage years, that’s because your skin changes with age, and won’t always want the same attention you’ve been giving. Try to pay attention to these changes and adjust your skincare products accordingly, and you can also invest in anti-ageing treatments.

4. Your products aren’t in date – when you purchase a large jar or tube of a fabulous skincare product, the logic is usually to use it until its empty and then re-stock. But it might be the case that the product’s use-by date is actually before you decide to replace. Take care to check the expiration date on your skincare products, as older ones won’t be as effective.

5. Your skin just doesn’t feel right – it may be that a certain product is irritating your skin, or it needs a different kind altogether. Act on the signs and try to find what’s responsible should you ever feel sore or angry skin, or consider booking a free consultation to discuss your skincare options.

Your skin is always changing, just like your lifestyle, so it’s important to pay attention to the changes. NYLC offer fantastic solutions and treatments for skincare, including their most popular skincare peel options, like the bespoke advanced cosmeceutical facial and exciting Green Peel™ treatments.

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