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by | Mon, 23 Dec 2019

As much as cosying up to the fireplace or heading out in a woollen scarf with a hot chocolate in-hand is the romantic side of winter, for our skin, it’s no summer holiday.

Today, we reveal five ways to winterproof your skin:

Exfoliate and scrub to reveal healthy skin – ever notice that over time, your skin can appear dull and grey? Don’t let your skin match the grey skies of Winter by regularly exfoliating. By scrubbing away the drier layers of skin, we reveal the softer, fresher layer beneath.

Turn down the water temperature in the shower or the bath – as much as we may feel legally entitled to a warming bath or shower during the cold days of Winter, don’t heat it up too much. That hot bath might feel great, but it strips the skin of its natural oils and actually dries you out further. Try taking short, lukewarm showers and baths instead.

Lock-in moisture – once you step-out of the bath or shower, towel off gently and massage a rich lotion all over to really lock down that hydration. During these cold, dry months, a lotion with glycerine will be your guardian angel.

Keep yourself hydrated – don’t just sip on hot drinks all day long. Keep on reaching for a glass of water as much as you can to balance out the dryness of the weather outside. For the home, try investing in a humidifier. This will increase the moisture in your home.

Cheat & treat yourself to a Winter Glow Facial – our Winter Glow Facial (Jan Marini) uses a blend of acids and antioxidants to jump start the healing process – revealing rejuvenated skin. It’s perfect if you are after a treatment that can target specific skin issues with minimal recovery time, not to mention that you’ll see a dramatic improvement between 1-3 treatments (results vary). The peels, called Refine, Clarify and Transform, and can be used nearly everywhere, including the face, neck, chest, buttocks, back, hands and feet!

See some of the incredible results of this special treatment here.

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