All about the Mothers with Jan Marini

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by | Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Make Her Mother’s Day with a Bespoke Facial and Products that really work!

We are delighted to be in partnership with the award-winning product range Jan Marini. Jan Marini is scientifically supported, and results driven. Our philosophy is that skin care shouldn’t only address current skin conditions but should also provide skin with the necessary ingredients for preventing and maintenance of healthy skin at any age. This is the perfect gift to give to your mum that will not only give her the deserved pamper she needs but help bring out the inner beauty to her skin with our specialist advice and products.

Why choose the Bespoke Facial?

The Bespoke Facial is specifically tailored to your skin using our advanced cosmeceutical range Jan Marini. Whether your skin suffers from acne, pigmentation, sensitivity, is dull & dehydrated, or you want to combat the signs of ageing we have a solution for you.

This is 60 minutes spent all about you and your skin with a prescriptive skin care plan issued to you after your treatment.

All about the Mothers with Jan Marini

Special offer for March only

This month we are offering an exclusive deal on our Bespoke Facials for you & your Mother!

Also includes a FREE GIFT


Product of the Month

This month we are all about Jan Marini and their amazing little sample kits!

Try before you buy, as most of us want to do. Once you start your skincare with Jan Marini you wont want to stop! In the sample kits are 3 of the best selling products

Bioglycolic Cleanser – Suitable for all skin types and fights acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing and redness. Use AM & PM to cleanse your face, you only need a small amount to do your whole face!
Cesta Serum – Suitable for all skin types. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for healthy skin with hylaronic acid. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles plus uneven skin tone. Use AM & PM all over the face. again, a little goes along way!
Transformation Cream – Suitable for all skin types. With a patented formula, this cream is a powerful combination of growth factors, antioxidants and peptides. AM & PM or just once a day as it is a rich cream, you only need a pea size amount for your face and neck

All about the Mothers with Jan Marini

Who’s using Jan Marini?

What do J-Lo, Sadie Frost, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Danni Minogue and Amber Valetta have in common? They all love Jan Marini! See what other celebrities are saying about this innovative skincare line:

Meghan Markle says “I love Jan Marini skin-care products. I’ve been using their serum lately”  Quote from Allure interview 2017

Naomi Watts says “I’ve tried almost every product under the Sun and Jan Marini is the only one I’ve stuck with..” Quote from

Cher says “I love Jan Marini” Quote from New Beauty Blog

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