Are You Summer Ready?

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by | Fri, 12 Apr 2019

Summer is finally on the horizon! Now is the perfect time to get ready for some (safe!) Sun exposure! Going abroad? Partying at festivals? Or patiently waiting in your back garden for the Sun to come over your neighbours’ fence? Whatever you are planning on doing, make sure you are Summer Ready and visit The New York Laser Clinic to take advantage of our great mix & match packages.

Mix & Match on Packages and Receive up to 50% off!

We are offering some fantastic deals on our packages to get you looking and feeling great for Summer. You can mix and match on a variety of packages from Body Contouring, advanced Skin Peels, Hifu treatments in London, and Laser Hair Removal in London.

How it works?

Pick 2-3 packages and receive 40% off

Pick 4 packages and receive 50% off

Want to know a little more about the treatments?

Body Contouring

Struggling to get rid of that little extra inch or trying to improve skin tone and shape? Don’t want to go under the knife? We have the solution! We offer two different types of treatment which can help remove stubborn, excess fat and tighten loose skin.

Fat Freezing in London – Clatuu

A medical grade machine that uses freezing temperatures to target and destroy fat cells without damaging the skin or any other cells!

This is a non-invasive procedure with no downtime. It can cause a little bruising and some may find it a little uncomfortable whilst the treatment is being conducted but there is absolutely no need for you take time out from your normal day-to-day routine.

You will see immediate improvements on the chosen targeted areas. The treatment will then continue to work over the next few weeks post-treatment as your body flushes out all of the dead fat cells; this is part of your natural cell regeneration cycle. Your full results will be seen in 6-12 weeks!


A medical grade machine that uses controlled heating & ultrasound technologies to target fat cells & tighten your skin. The specialist technologies combined create a coagulating effect to the deeper layers of the skin, which result in new collagen being stimulated and provides a long-term, tightening effect.

You will see results straight after your treatments, but the treatment will continue to work over the upcoming months, and you should expect to see great results in up to 3 months post treatment. There is also no down-time and minimal discomfort to the treatment, so perfect to fit in with your busy schedule.

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to threading, tweezing, waxing and shaving! Laser Hair Removal in London is the possibly the most effective solution to removing unwanted hair.

We use Candela Gentlelase; a medical grade laser machine which provides fantastic results for all skin types. Laser works by targeting the melanin (brown pigment) in your hair follicle. The laser light flows all the way to the root of your hair and heats it up, thus disabling the blood supply to the hair follicles and therefore disables it from growing.

In order for your laser treatments to be successful we have to ensure we are catching your hairs in the anagen phase of hair growth, aka the growing phase. Unfortunately, hairs don’t all grow at the same time, so several treatments are recommended, followed by the occasional top-up session.

Advanced Skin Peels

Want to have glowing, natural looking skin without having to apply all those Instagram filters? We have a variety powerful, industry approved skin peels containing a multitude of active ingredients, and non-toxic chemicals that work to deeply exfoliate & brighten your skin.

Our skin peels will help to remove dead skin cells from the surface, stimulate collagen production and bring new cell life. We can treat a vast range of skin types and conditions from dry, dull, dehydrated, agei

ng, acne, pigmented & sensitive.

Your results will be seen immediately after your treatment and will continue to work over the upcoming weeks. For best results we recommend a course of treatment in order to target specific concerns.

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