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At The New York Laser Clinic we use Candela, a medical grade and gold standard laser machine. We hand-picked Candela as it is the most effective & non-invasive aesthetic laser machines. Below we have shared the key facts you need to know about our machine and what happens during our laser hair removal treatments.

At The New York Laser Clinic, our Candela machines can treat all Fitzpatrick skin types, has a high speed delivery system, therefore offering fast treatments, is efficient and advanced in technology, has specialist built in safety features, and its performance level is of top grade.

The New York Laser Clinic invites all our clients in prior to starting a course of treatments for a full & thorough consultation & patch test. This is to assess the hairs you want to have laser hair removal treatments on and to ensure we use safe but effective settings on the desired areas to be lased.

Our treatment works effectively by marking out the areas that are to be treated. It then enables the clients to clearly see that all areas they want to be lased are being treated and also if there are areas not be treated our consultants have clear guidance to avoid.

A laser light shines through our hand piece and through a specific gauge (aka spot size) which then indicates to the Consultant where the laser will be fired. As we perform the treatment we slightly overlap to ensure that laser is treating all hairs and areas.

As the laser is fired within milliseconds a cooling spray called cryogen is also fired onto the skin which acts as a cooling device to ensure the skin surface is not burnt during treatment.

During a client’s treatment course, we will patch test throughout as their hair growth starts to become less and less. We want to ensure that all hairs are treated effectively which may mean increasing the energy levels for optimum results.

Candela is one of the safest lasers to use and we ensure our employees are trained both with Candela experts as well as in-house with our own aesthetic skin and laser experts who have been in the industry for many years.

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