Laser Hair Removal For Men

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by | Thu, 9 Jul 2020

A little known fact: did you know that at The New York Laser Clinic 40% of our clients are men? You are not alone in considering laser hair removal in London. We have seen an enormous increase in the number of male clients since we first opened our first clinic 15 years ago. Men are increasingly visiting us to get rid or lessen the volume of hair that they have on their body from face, chest, back or bikini area our consultants are trained professionals who will endeavour to ensure your experience with us is safe and comfortable.

Laser hair removal for men is just as effective as it is for women despite what you may have heard, and is far less painful than waxing or plucking. What’s more is once you have completed your course you won’t need to shave again so you can kiss goodbye to the ingrown and shaving rash!

The treatment is effectively pain free as our medical grade system contains a built in cooling device to help comfort levels. The treatment works by targeting the melanin (dark pigment) in your hair follicle. The laser beam goes to the root of the hair, heats it up, thus disabling the blood supply from returning to the root. As hair grows at different times you will need about 6-8 treatments to be totally hair free but you should start seeing a real benefit after your first session.

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