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by | Fri, 17 May 2019

At NYLC we are industry & market leading experts that have been in London since 2004. We were one of the first Laser Clinics + Medispas to open in London and have established a safe environment devised of true experts who provide outstanding treatments, give trustworthy advice and deliver results.

It’s a daunting experience for a lot of people to come in and leave themselves in a therapists hands, not knowing whether they fully understand their particular needs, previous experiences or what will happen throughout the treatment. That’s why, at NYLC, our consultants provide a thorough, safe & sensitive approach to all consultations and treatments on every visit, employ only qualified professionals and run continuous training & mentoring programmes.

This month we wanted to ask the expert on how NYLC became successful and find out some priceless tips on how to best look after skin.

What inspired you to create and open an aesthetics clinic in London?

“After working throughout the 1990’s to 2003 in the UK and US on a clientele of A- List celebrities, Royalty, Rock Stars, Models, heads of state and high net worth individuals who were asking for advanced innovative, state of the art aesthetics treatments from the USA that were unavailable in the UK – I opened NYLC in Grosvenor Street, Mayfair in February 2004 with the intention of offering these treatments at an affordable price and making them available to everyone from all walks of life. Luckily, we were very busy from the beginning and quickly had a 3-month waiting list for some of our treatments.”

NYLC recently had a review on Facebook from one of our first clients 15 years ago:

Facebook – Anita Winberg recommends The New York Laser Clinic & Medispa:

“I had laser hair removal at The New York Laser clinic about 15 years ago when they first opened. I am very pleased to say that I am still hair free all these years later! If you are thinking about having it done and wondering if it really does work long term, I can assure you I am so glad I did. No waxing or shaving etc for 15 years. Amazing! I also had some veins lasered at the back of my knee and those never came back either.”

Who have you treated with really great skin?

“Nicole Kidman has the most amazing flawless and ethereal skin I’ve seen under a magnifying lamp.”

How long have you been in the aesthetic & cosmetic industry?

“Since the 1980s. I’ve seen this industry go through fantastic technological changes over the past 30 years which is why I handpick all of our machines and ensure that we are only providing treatments with medical grade machinery that are FDA approved.”

What qualifications have you received?

“Advanced medical aesthetics – in Lasers, Skin, Veins, Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), RF, Peels etc. The Aesthetics industry is so fast moving there is always something new to learn.”

Why did you decide to call the company The New York Laser Clinic?

“As the lasers, skin products and procedures we offered back in 2004 all originated in the USA, the NYLC name was chosen to endorse these American concepts and procedures and introduce them to London and the UK.”

What sets NYLC apart from other clinics in London?

“We ensure that when a client comes into our clinics their needs are met. All our consultants are trained to the highest standard both internally and externally to ensure that we are holding in-depth consultations with clients on not only the first treatment but on every visit with us to follow all of our clients’ progress. Our teams work around the clock to ensure that correct aftercare, support and advice is given to every single client of ours.”

How did you choose Candela as the laser machine to use across all clinics?

“After working with a variety of different machines and seeing what really worked and what didn’t, I only wanted the best in NYLC clinics. Candela is a
medical grade, gold standard machine and has proven results. It is the most popular laser sold in the middle east to treat skin types 4 and 5 safely and most comfortably, it’s safe to be used on all skin types and is a fast treatment with no down-time.”

At NYLC you stock an array of different product lines which comes with advanced facial treatments how do clients know what to go for?

“We’ve learnt over the years that there are a multitude of different skin types, needs and conditions which is why we have a variety of different treatments so that we can ensure we are able to treat everyone. We invite our clients in for free skin consultations with one of our expert consultants so that they can analyse, assess and create a prescriptive and bespoke treatment plan for the individual client.”

See below for amazing before and after pictures from a client receiving skin treatments at NYLC.

Are there any must-have treatments that you can recommend and why?

“One of the best treatments that we offer with the most amazing results is our Ultraformer, Hifu treatment. It uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and is a non-surgical facial that heats targeted areas such as eyes, forehead, cheeks and jowls. It creates a coagulating effect to the treated areas or SMAS layer (Super Muscular Aponeurotic System) that a surgeon would usually pull and tighten in face lift surgery which results in new collagen and therefore plumps, firms and lifts the skin. Unlike a lot of facials where you only see the results for a short period of time, with the Ultraformer treatment it continues to work for several months and will keep stimulating collagen. It’s a great treatment to have and one with proven results.”

What are your skincare saviours?

“My go to product range in Summer will always be Heliocare. Not only do they have a high SPF (Factor 50), it protects from both UVA & UVB rays, and also contains Fernblock, a patented ingredient which has anti-ageing qualities. In their 360 range it also contains Bio Sheild which protects your skin from free radicals. They are must have products for all year round with such fantastic results.”

What’s the best beauty secret that you can share?

“No matter what everyone should be having an LED light therapy treatment. At NYLC we use Healite II and is clinically proven to speed up skin healing, recovery times post-surgery, cosmetic and laser treatments. So is great to use in combination with skin peels, micro needling, and laser hair removal.

It can also help to reduce acne flare ups by eliminating bacterial growth in epidermis, can help prevent scar formation, as well as rejuvenate the skin. It’s a quick treatment to have, and is incredibly cost-effective, EVERYONE should have this.”

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