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by | Thu, 9 Jul 2020

At NYLC we wanted to share with our clients the key information on how to get the best results out of your laser hair removal London treatments. We offer home care advice to all our clients in order to ensure they get the best and safest results from their treatment with NYLC.

What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Laser Treatments

Patch Tests

You must have a patch test before starting your course of laser hair removal. At NYLC we take your safety very seriously and patch test each individual area of the body that you want to have treated.

We do this as your skin & hair can be different in colour on each area of the body. For successful treatment results the hair must have a brown, dark reddish brown or black pigment. Blonde, light to medium red & grey hair will not have a successful result from laser.

Before coming to your patch test appointment you will need to ensure there is hair in the area(s) that you want to have treated. This is so we can make sure the hair is suitable for treatment and we can analyse and decide on specific settings that will work to a clients hair and skin type.

You will need to then wait 48 hours after the patch test prior to starting treatment to ensure that there is no adverse reaction to the skin.

Tanned Skin

You cannot have treatment if your skin has been tanned or exposed to UVA and UVB rays within a time frame of 4-6 weeks. We request throughout your laser course to wear SPF 50 and keep areas being treated out of the Sun.

During the course of treatment if you do tan your skin you can still continue with your treatment, however you may be required to have another patch test to amend the settings to suit your skin.

Shaving In Between Treatments

Other than when you have a patch test you must arrive at your sessions shaved. At The New York Laser Clinic, we recommend that you shave 24 hours in advance for optimum comfort when having a laser. We will be unable to treat clients attending for treatments unshaved. This is due to the laser heating up the hair follicles. It can burn/singe the hairs and cause discomfort on this skin.

You must not wax, pluck, thread or use depilatory creams in between your sessions as this can stimulate hair growth and therefore work against your laser treatments and will affect your results.

We offer a dry shaving service 24hrs prior to a client’s appointment which is £25 per area.


At NYLC we ask our clients to inform us of any change in medications over the course of your treatment no matter how small i.e. even if it is a change in consuming vitamin supplements.

Some medications and pain killers have a photo-sensitive side effect and can affect the results of your laser, so it is incredibly important that you declare any changes to your Consultant.

Ensure painkillers aren’t taken within 8 hours of your treatment.


Certain active ingredients in products can affect the outcome of treatment so it is important to talk to your NYLC consultant throughout your treatment course if you are applying certain products to the skin in areas you are having lased that contain active ingredients such as retinols, AHA, glycolic acids etc.

Perfumes & aerosols shouldn’t be used on the areas to be treated for laser prior to your appointment.

Post treatments

Following your laser hair removal treatment, we ask clients to follow the points below to ensure that your treatment results are safe and effective.

  • Aloe vera to be applied to the skin after the treatment. Keep in the fridge and apply to help soothe lased area
  • Do not expose your skin to direct UVA and UVB for 2 weeks post-treatment
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot showers and the gym for a minimum of 48 hours post-treatment
  • You can have a cool shower and pat dry areas
  • Wear loose clothing after treatment where possible
  • Only shaving or closely trimming facial hair is allowed between sessions, no other methods of hair removal are to be used
  • Advised not to wear make-up, apply fake tan, use perfume or aerosols on treated areas up to 48 hours post treatment.

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