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by | Tue, 20 Aug 2019

The New York Laser Clinic was recently reviewed by the infamous Evening Standard on our Camel Milk facial. To see the review by the Evening Standard click here alternatively read below!

The New York Laser Clinic is known for being innovators in the beauty world.

It was one of the original laser clinics to bring laser hair removal treatments to London in 2004 – and now it’s the first in the UK to offer a Camel Milk Facial.

Using dried camel milk in both a mask and cream form, the NYLC touts this 45-minute treatment as a cure-all to even out skin tones, reduce fine lines, protect against pollution and deeply moisturise the skin.

We tested the facial out first-hand to see if it lived up to its claims.

Famous for:

Use of camel milk as a skin remedy can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian times and now its benefits are becoming apparent to 21st Century beauty buffs.

Camel milk contains a high level of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which can help to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and allowing cell renewal. The high levels of lactic acid also means it is a great facial option for those with sensitive skin as it can increase the ceramides in the skin’s protective barrier to prevent congestion and improve pigmentation.

Camel milk also contains a high amount of lanolin which can help moisturise the driest of skin types as it locks in moisture without clogging pores.

But the major benefit of camel milk is that it contains three times the amount of vitamin C than that of cow’s milk, making it an anti-ageing powerhouse that can help skin produce collagen, brighten the skin and protect it from pollution.

The treatment:

With all this in mind, I was excited to see if the facial would leave my oily-normal combination skin looking radiant but not too shiny.

Entering NYLC’s Baker Street outpost one rainy afternoon (the NYLC has three London clinics: Baker Street, Fulham and Bishopgate), it’s clear this clinic is a one-stop shop for all your cosmetic needs.

After filling in a form detailing my skin history, I was taken down to one of the many rooms on the ground floor and entered a treatment room reminiscent of a dome-like Greek-style suite you’d find in Santorini.

Unlike other spas, the New York Laser Clinic means business. No changing into robes or spending times in a relaxation room, this is the ideal place to visit when you want an after-work facial and still want to be home in time to cook dinner by 7:30pm. No eye makeup is removed during the facial either and hair is not touched so you can also visit before going to dinner or an event to impress your friends with extra-glowing skin.

The facial began with a cleanse, before applying the prepping solution of salicylic acid. A camel milk and yeast mask, which smelt much like bran flakes, is then applied and left on for 20 minutes.

The mask is then massaged into skin and removed before applying the camel milk cream. This is also massaged in and then you spend 11 minutes under an LED light to help work the cream’s magic and rejuvenate the skin and produce collagen.

At the end of the treatment there is also the option to taste a bit of camel milk. Of course, I obliged, and it tasted like it smelt – the faint taste of bran flakes and sweet condensed milk. Not great but not terrible.


The facial is over before you know it, but will leave your skin radiant with a just-got-back-from-a-spa-retreat glow.

You’ll leave feeling…

Glowy and fresh with a funny after taste in your mouth.

Want to find out more about our other treatments? CLICK HERE

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