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by | Sun, 4 Aug 2019

Acne is commonly associated with teenagers and young adults, but it can also impact and affect people of all ages. For people who struggle with acne, the battle can seem like a never-ending struggle that has no resolution or solution. However, the easiest way to combat acne is to get the root of what is causing it.

Today, New York Laser Clinic are revealing five of the most common causes of acne.

  1. Bacteria – when pores become clogged up with bacteria or oil, bacterial infections can spread and lead to pimples developing on the skin. In order to prevent these bacteria from spreading, seek the help of a professional and keep your skin clean.
  2. Oily skin – all skin is naturally oily, but for some people, this can dramatically hamper their self-esteem and confidence. Overly oily skin can lead to pores become blocked, leading to the development of bacteria which can contribute to acne breakouts. To prevent your oily skin from becoming a problem, make sure that you cleanse twice a day and seek advice from a skin care specialist.
  3. Hormones – Hormones can impact our mood and our appearance. Hormonal acne is a common condition that many people struggle with and tends to appear when there is a rise in androgens or testosterone. While this increase is common in teenagers, it can also impact people of all ages and especially women who are pregnant.
  4. Medications – medications that contain steroids have been linked to acne and other skin conditions. For people who take steroids or steroid-based medications, the hormonal shift that these medications create can lead to the appearance of acne. Steroids, like the birth control pill, increase the production of oily skin that block pores and leads to acne.
  5. Diet – like many health-related conditions, the battle against acne can be aided and hampered based on what you eat. If you are struggling with acne, it’s advised that you consume more omega-3 fatty acids, fewer dairy products, and few foods with a high glycemic index. Your body is like an engine and you need to fuel it with the right foods.

At NYLC we have a fantastic range of advanced skincare & cosmeceuticals that will help treat skincare problems. We also provide free treatment care plans for you to take home.

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