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Clatuu Fat Freezing in London

Clatuu Fat Freezing is a non-invasive process during which your fat cells are effectively frozen and therefore killed off. Fat cells cannot survive in extreme temperatures. Looking for a Fat Freezing Treatment, London, Contact Us Today!

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Clatuu Fat Freezing in London

How Does Clatuu Fat Freezing London Work? 

Using the unique combination of electro and cryo-therapy, fat cells in the treated area are killed in a natural way and dissolve over several months, without affecting other body cells. This treatment is used to remove certain areas of stubborn fat and surround tissue, this works by freezing the body cells which will prevent them from going to other parts of the body. 

The Clatuu Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis technology is some of the most advanced fat freezing technology within the industry, The equipment is medical grade and therefore gives a superior freeze to anything else on the market – with silicone heads guaranteeing a 360-degree freeze – ensuring perfect symmetry that is unavailable with any other technology on the market. Are you looking to feel more confident in your own skin?

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The team here at The New York Laser Clinic will transform your appearance and leave you feeling like a totally new person. Are you looking for fat freezing in London? We can work with you to deliver high-quality fat reduction treatments, for more information about our treatment plans, get in touch with our team today, contact us now. 

What Happens During Fat Freezing Treatment?

Initially, your consultant will measure the area you’d like to address, you will need to identify the changes you want to make and make this very clear to your consultant. If you are unsure about the exact area you want to be treated on, our team can work with you to identify and improve the current issues you wish to work on.

From here, they will then mark the optimal position for maximum effectiveness. This will help them to mark out the exact areas which they will be working on.

In addition to this, your consultant will then apply a gel pad to protect your skin throughout your treatment. This is to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

Now we will then move on to beginning the treatment. We will position the applicator on the gel pad and begin your Clatuu treatment.

This is your opportunity to sit back and relax, read a book or listen to music and as the treatment happens. It is so important that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

Finally, once your Fat Freezing Treatment, London is over, this is the opportunity for your consultant to give you a massage for 5-10 minutes. From here you are ready to go!

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Know what you want to do? But don’t know the best Fat Freezing Treatment, London? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our lovely clinics today and book a free consultation. One of our professional team will be able to plan the best treatment for your needs!


Clatuu Fat Freezing Prices

Single Treatment Course of 3 Course of 6 Course of 8
1 Application (Area) Was £650Now £325 Was £1105Now £553 Was £1465Now £733 Was £1690Now £845
2 Applications (Areas) Was £1300Now £650 Was £2210Now £1105 Was £3315Now £1658 Was £4420Now £2210
4 Applications (Areas) Was £2000Now £1000 Was £3460Now £1730 Was £5100Now £2550 Was £6800Now £3400
6 Applications (Areas) Was £3000Now £1500 Was £5100Now £2550 Was £7650Now £3825 Was £10,200Now £5100

Frequently asked questions

What Happens After The Treatment?

After treatment in the applied area redness may appear in the region however will disperse within the hour. A process called “apoptosis” will begin cooling the fat cells causing it to shrink.

When Can I See The Results?

As CLATUU treatment triggers apoptosis it takes 4-12 weeks to see visible differences and results.

What Kind Of Results Is The Clatuu Capable Of?

According to research and preclinical tests, using 1 applicator in a session results in a reduction of 1 inch. As CLATUU has 2 applicators it is possible to reduce 2 inches per session.

Are There Any Side Effects To Fat Freezing?

Generally, there aren’t any severe side effects. Rarely, minor bruising may occur due to the internal activity and reactions of the negative pressure. The bruise will subside within a week and any numbness that occurs will dissipate varying from 1-3 weeks.

What Are The Precautions Before And After Fat Freezing Treatment?

It is advised to NOT consume large meals immediately before or after treatment and to avoid alcohol and caffeine-like products on the day of the procedure. For the best results drink lots of water before and after treatment and continue to do so for the next 4-12 weeks.

How Long Will It Take To Recover From Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment?

CLATUU treatment is completely non-invasive and so does not require time for healing to return to daily routines.

Is CLATUU Fat Freezing Painful?

The feeling when the applicator is applied is a suction or vacuum like sensation and is not painful. On commencement of the cooling process it may sting or feel cold for the first 10 minutes but the feeling subsides.

What Is Apoptosis?

Apoptosis is a form of natural cell death which a programmed sequence of events leads to the elimination of cells without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area.

How Long Does A CLATUU Treatment Take?

CLATUU treatment is applicable approximately 40-60 minutes. Length of application varies depending on the thickness of the targeted area however patients are allowed to relax in a comfortable position during treatment.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Depending on the thickness of the fat, CLATUU treatment can be re-administered in 90 day intervals to the same region.

Is CLATUU Fat Freezing Treatment Safe?

CLASSYS has conducted countless hours of testing and test results prove that the cooling only damages fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues of the treatment area.

What Areas Are Most Commonly Treated?

CLATUU treatment is not a procedure for weight loss for people who suffer from obesity. CLATUU fat freezing treatment works best for people who have isolated pockets of resistant fat and can be applied to the following regions: • Lower belly • Flanks • Love handles • Thigh fat commonly known as saddle bag • Bra bulges • Back fat • Upper arms

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