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Milia Treatments in London

Our team of highly trained professionals will work with you to make sure you leave our clinic with glowing skin. We can help you get rid of Milia spots, fast, easily and without pain with a series of non-surgical treatments tailored to your skin type. For any further information, contact us today!

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Our Milia Treatments in London

What are Milia Treatments?

Milia are small white spots which form under the skin, often around your eyes on your cheeks or across your nose. While they are not painful or a cause for concern health-wise, many find them embarrassing and would like to remove them. They are small fat deposits, where there has been a buildup of excess oils and keratin (a naturally occurring protein). This helps rejuvenate hair, nails, and skin – but it can become trapped, creating small cysts or Milia to form. Once removed we do advise to have regular Microdermabrasion treatments to minimise the chances of these returning and to use good skincare at home.

The Symptoms: Have you recently found that you have the symptoms of a milium bump? Do not panic, you may experience itching or small pains but this can be easily controlled by our treatments here at the NYLC. Typically cysts are found on the face, most commonly on the lips or around the eyes and cheeks. This does not mean that they cannot be found on other parts of your body, the face is the most common. Get in touch to book a FREE consultation, our team can help you find the best treatment suited to your skin, contact us today.

Who needs Milia Treatments?

Have you recently found that a collection of small white bumps have appeared on your face, typically your nose or your cheeks? This is more than likely to be a Milium Cyst, do not panic because our team of professionals can easily treat this today. These small cysts are often found in groups, they occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of your skin. You might be surprised as to how easy or how fast you can remove milia spots, pop by in your lunchtime to have these removed by our skin specialist. There are many factors which can cause Milia spots to appear, but the man reason is due to the build put of dead skin cells getting trapped in your pores. If this is something you want to erase, our team of highly trained professionals can help you today!

What are the results of Milia Treatments?

After the small procedure, you will find that when the treatment has been successful you will gradually see the blemish relaxing and disappearing from the skin. It is so important that you leave the skin to heal, do not rub or pick at where the treatment has taken place. You will notice that after a few days, your skin will begin to heal and come back looking Rosey and fresh. Our team of professionals will provide you with the correct information and aftercare to make sure the small procedure goes to plan. For any further information, get in touch with the NYLC today!

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Single Treatment
Face – 30 mins £85

Frequently asked questions


Depending on how deep the milia are, you may feel a slight pull on the skin from the microlance and a bit of pressure from the slight squeeze to pop it out – Overall it is very minimal discomfort


Prices start at £85 for a half-hour treatment. We will advise you if you may need more than one sitting on the day of consultation.


We remove Milia via a sterile lance needle by extracting it gently and safely


You may have slight redness around the area but usually this subsides within the hour.


The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. This does include a full cleanse facial

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