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Dr. Schrammek Skin Peels in London

If beauty is skin deep, then make the most of it! Strip off the top layer to reveal the fresh, youthful clear skin underneath!

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DR. SCHRAMMEK Skin Peel Treatment in London

The latest and most exciting skin peel is our Green Peel™ treatment, a medically developed, biologically-based method of skin regeneration that uses a special blend of pure natural plant and herb ingredients to obtain smoother, clearer, fresher skin. This treatment is natural, plant and herb based and very effective.

Blue Peel Radiance effectively exfoliates the uppermost damaged skin layers, leaving your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant with little to no downtime.
In essence both Green Peel and a chemical peel work the same way, they involve applying a coating to the skin to remove the damaged outer layers, revealing the younger, clearer and more radiant complexion underneath.

Traditionally, chemical peels will be performed on the face, neck, hands, shoulders and back, legs and any other areas that are needed to treat wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and discolouration. Chemical Peels are also effective in treating mild scarring and acne. Green Peel™ works in very much the same way.

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DR. SCHRAMMEK Skin Peel Pricing

Single Treatment Course of 3 Course of 6
Green Energy Peel £140 £345 Was £660Now £462
Fresh Up Peel £140 £345 Was £660Now £462
Classic Green Peel £460 Was £1,150Now £805 Was £2,185Now £1208
Energy Q10 Face Peel £285 Was £1550Now £1085 £2875Now £2013
Melawhite Face Peel £150 Was £620Now £434 Was £1150Now £805
Energy Q10 Body Peel £400 Was £1,550Now £1,085 £2,875Now £2,013
Melawhite Body Peel £230 Was £620Now £434 Was £1,105Now £805

Frequently asked questions


A chemical peel is a treatment that uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the skin. Depending on the depth of the peel and formulation of the solution used, chemical peels can also stimulate the production of new skin cells.


This depends on the depth of peel and the type of peel formulation used. The lightest most superficial peels are not painful at all and may cause little or no tingling. Peels that penetrate more deeply can cause a stinging or burning sensation.


Superficial peels only act on the surface or outer layer of the skin, leading to exfoliation, while deep peels penetrate further into the skin and have a more stimulating effect as well as exfoliating.


A professional peel is carried out by our consultants who are fully be trained in the administration of the treatment and have an understanding of the peel being used, which allows them to choose the right type of peel and peel formulation for your skin type. Their knowledge and experience ensure a safe and effective treatment. At-home products may not be as potent as professional treatments and may result in side effects if not used correctly.

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