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by | Wed, 30 Jun 2021

Hair Removal At NYLC London With A Candela Laser

For hair removal at The New York Laser Clinic in London, we use Candela, a medical grade, gold standard laser machine. We hand-picked Candela as our experts found it the most effective and non-invasive of all aesthetic laser machines. 

In this blog, we are sharing the key facts you need to know about our machine as well as some useful insight into what happens during our laser hair removal treatments.

Medical Grade Laser Technology, For Long-Lasting Results Every Time

Candela - our laser

Our Candela, FDA approved laser hair removal machines can treat all skin types effectively and efficiently, and have specialist built-in safety features to reduce any risk. We make sure to always invite our patients for a full consultation and patch-test before starting any treatment courses. This is to assess your skin and the hairs you need treating, ensuring we use safe but effective settings on the targeted areas.

During your laser hair removal treatment, targeted areas are marked up and the laser beam is delivered via our hand piece onto the specified treatment area, which indicates to the consultant where the laser will be fired. As we perform the treatment, we slightly overlap to ensure that the laser is treating all hairs. As the laser is fired, a cooling spray (cryogen) is also fired onto the skin – this tricks the skin by reducing its temperature to prevent any discomfort when the laser is applied.

As you continue your treatment course, we will continue to patch-test at regular intervals as your hair growth reduces to become less and less. We want to ensure that all hairs are treated effectively, which may mean increasing the energy levels of the laser.

Candela is one of the safest lasers available in the world, and we ensure our employees are trained and certified by Candela experts as well as our own aesthetic skin and laser experts in-house, who have been in the industry for many years. You can definitely rest assured you’re in safe hands!

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